Changing the World…One Trip at a Time

With an eye toward the future and a keen awareness of the importance of supporting the community, Progressive Travel Management is proud of our charitable giving program “Changing the World One Trip at a Time.”

The program is very simple…and the potential benefits to charities in our community are innumerable.

Progressive Travel Management will donate 2% of the money that you spend on package vacations and cruises back to the charity of your choice. With the average cost for 2 people to take a package vacation to Las Vegas currently at more than $1200, that translates into a $60 contribution. A trip for 2 to Hawaii can translate into a gift of $80 or more… possibilities to combine travel and philanthropy are endless!

Without raising our prices…or asking you to pay anything additional---or even to write an additional check, now, no matter where you go, your travel can make a difference! Make your trip even more special by choosing to benefit a cause close to your heart.

Don’t have a charity in mind? Please consider one of our favorite charities listed below, and thank you for working with Progressive Travel Management to “Change the World One Trip at a Time.”

Our Favorite Charities

Serving the Medical Research Community


Serving the Developmentally Disabled

Serving the Arts Community


Serving the Homeless Population


Serving Families
Family Network


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